Complex PLUS

This package is recommended by SGS and will not only verify the cold water, but also the hot water - two separate samples are taken.

Legionella infection occurs by inhalation through the inhalation of contaminated aerosol together with water vapour. The bacteria multiply in pipes and hot water systems where the water temperature is between 25 - 55°C. The bacteria naturally inhabit the water environment. Infection with Legionella bacteria can cause severe pneumonia, generalised infection with septic symptoms and lead to fever, headaches and muscle aches with reduced immunity. Installations should be checked for this at least every two years.

The Complex plus package is also an extended microbiological examination of the water, which enables an accurate assessment of its quality and possible degree of contamination. These are performed primarily for the presence of the following characteristics:

  • Coliform bacteria are present in the environment, including in surface water and in the groundwater remaining in its range of influence. Their presence in water may be due to various sources of pollution such as soil, vegetation, sewage and is indicative of secondary water pollution;
  • Escherichia coli - Escherichia coli, or E. coli for short, is the term for a very dangerous Escherichia coli, which causes very serious infections of the urinary and digestive systems;
  • Faecal enterococci - detection of these bacteria in water indicates contact of the drinking water with faecal contaminants; these bacteria cause numerous diseases and are resistant to many antibiotics;
  • Total microorganism count at 22°C - In drinking water, after 72 h, there must be no more than: 200 cfu/1ml (i.e. 200 microorganisms in 1 ml of water). They are psychrophilic organisms, die below 0°C and above 30°C, and grow best at: 15°C. So they are relatively harmless to us, as they will not survive in the human body.
  • In addition, we test oxidisability, which is one of the basic properties of water. Among other things, it is important for the selection of iron separators and de-emulsifiers for water. It helps in the overall assessment of water contamination. 

We not only test the water for possible bacteria and elements, but also the hardness of the water, which affects the quality of use of household appliances such as washing machines and kettles.

In addition, our specialists check for the presence of extremely harmful nitrates and nitrites, which in high concentrations can lead to the development of cancerous diseases.

We also verify the pH, conductivity and organoleptic parameters such as taste and smell of the water.

This package will be helpful in selecting basic filters for those who have their own dug or deep well.

By choosing the comprehensive package+ you can be sure that your water is not only drinkable, but also safe for showering or bathing.

Following the analyses, specialists will help you interpret the results.

Please note, when taking this package independently, the customer will receive, among other things, two sterile containers with a red cap - one for cold water and one for hot water. Please label the containers: "hot/cold water".

If you have questions call: 516069819!