Legionella package

Most water testing is carried out in cold water, but it is just as important to test hot water, which contains the extremely dangerous Legionella pneumophila bacteria. These bacteria are naturally found in the aquatic environment.

Legionella infection occurs by inhalation through the inhalation of contaminated aerosol together with water vapour. The bacteria multiply in pipes and hot water systems, Places at increased risk are all kinds of showers, showers, whirlpool baths, Jacuzzis and cooling towers.

Multiplication is favoured by:

  • water temperatures of 25-50°C, - water stagnation and biofilm formation,
  • the presence of sediment, silt, scale, corrosion products, neglected maintenance of hot water systems,
  • lack or insufficient concentration of disinfectant compounds.

Legionella infection can cause severe pneumonia, generalised infection with symptoms of sepsis and lead to fever, headaches and muscle aches with reduced immunity.
Testing water for Legionella takes 10 to 12 days. The determination is performed by membrane filtration.

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Why test your water?

Water has a great impact on our health and well-being. Every one of us comes into contact with water on a daily basis, which leaves us exposed to the various pathogenic bacteria and parasites that occur in it. For this reason, it is worth checking the quality of water at least once a year.

Surveys conducted in Poland show that water in 8/10 wells has bacteriological or physicochemical excesses. Microbiological tests also clearly prove that water becomes harmful to health when harmful chemical compounds, e.g. nitrates, nitrites, appear in its composition or when certain elements are present in too high concentrations (iron, manganese). Water should be tested mainly for the sake of our health, but also for the household appliances we use to ensure that they are in the right condition.

Water from public water supply systems supplied to our houses and flats is systematically tested, but there are times when the quality of the water in our tap worries us. The water may appear cloudy, have an unpleasant smell or colour. This could be caused, for example, by contamination from the building's internal installation or a pipeline failure. In such cases, it is a good idea to contact our laboratory, which will help to solve the water quality problem.

After the analyses have been carried out, our specialists will help interpret the results.

Note The SGS Poland laboratory does not deal with the assembly and installation of filters, our results will be necessary for external companies that provide such services.

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